Effect of Entrepreneurial Personality Competencies on Small and Medium Enterprises (Smes) Performance in Abuja Municipal Area Council of the FCT

  • SANUSI Lawal Federal University, Gusau
  • Prof. ABDULSALAM Jibril Adamawa State University, Mobi
  • Dr. YUSUF Ibrahim Ohida Nasarawa State University, Keffi
Keywords: Entrepreneurial Personality Competencies, Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) Performance


The study empirically examines the effect of personality competencies on small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) performance in Abuja Municipal Area Council of the FCT. 488 entrepreneurs were drawn randomly from a  population of 1627 registered SMEs from Abuja Enterprises Agency record. A sample of 488 questionnaires was administered within the 18 units of zones and areas of AMAC, which constituted 30% of the population. The response rate was 341.Based on the responses, Regression analysis and ANOVA were used to analysed and interpret the responses gathered from the entrepreneurs, both analyses signifies that personality competencies has effect on the performance of SMEs in Abuja Municipal Area Council of the FCT. It is therefore recommended that in the long run SMEs owners and managers should developing personality competencies through seminars and workshops for better future performances of their venture.

Author Biographies

SANUSI Lawal , Federal University, Gusau

Department of Business Administration

Prof. ABDULSALAM Jibril , Adamawa State University, Mobi

Department of Business Administration

Dr. YUSUF Ibrahim Ohida, Nasarawa State University, Keffi

Department of Business Administration


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