Personal Initiatives and Social Entrepreneurial Wealth Creation in South-South Region of Nigeria

  • Mary Shadrach Omofowa University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria
  • Shadrach Omofowa Global Polytechnic, Benin City
Keywords: Personal Initiatives, Social Entrepreneurial Wealth Creation, Entrepreneurship Pro-activeness, Self-Fulfilment JEL Classification Codes: D03, D80, I31, J24, L26


This study examined the relationship between personal initiatives and social entrepreneurial wealth creation piloted by female entrepreneurs, in south-south region of Nigeria (Edo, Delta, Rivers and Cross-rivers). Specifically, the study aimed at ascertaining the extent to which entrepreneurship pro-activeness, opportunity recognition, self-fulfilment and behavioural mechanisms enhance social wealth creations in total communities. The study adopted a survey research design, our objectives and hypotheses were empirically formulated for the study. Primary source of data were used to elicit information both from the female entrepreneurs and members of the local communities. The population consists of 1550 domestic organizations certified by corporate affairs commission and a sample size of 317 was drawn using Taro Yamane formula (1964). The Cronbach alpha reliability was used in assessing the reliability of the instrument adapted in the study for the purpose of data presentation and analysis, analysis of variance, correlations analysis were used. Also the statistical software used for the analysis is STATA 13.0. The study findings revealed that there is a positive significant relationship between pro-activeness, self-fulfilment, opportunity recognition and behavioural mechanism on social wealth creation. Based on the findings and conclusion, the study recommends that entrepreneurial process should be an avenue for mentorship; serve as an avenue for engaging the youth, in addition, entrepreneurs be proactive in solving social ills.

Author Biographies

Mary Shadrach Omofowa, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria

Department of Human Resources, 

Shadrach Omofowa, Global Polytechnic, Benin City

Department of Business Administration,