Developing a Sustainable Approach to Waste Management in Nigeria: Lessons from Kwara State

  • Ibrahim O. Salawu Kwara State University, Malete
  • Amin Amin Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin-Nigeria
Keywords: Enforcement, Environmental Protection, Strategy, Waste Management JEL Classification Codes: K4, Q2, L2, Q53


The study examined Kwara State's environmental protection policies and strategies for sustainable waste management systems. Sustainable development theory was adopted. The paper relied on both primary and secondary data. The population of this study was 1207 which comprised personnel in Ministries, Agencies, Associations and the House of Assembly Committee on Health and Environment in Kwara State. The sample for the study was 400. Of the 400 questionnaires distributed, 365 were retrieved and analysed using Statistics Package for Social Sciences version 21. Findings from the study showed that there is public awareness of the importance of environmental protection and waste management in Kwara. The study revealed that there is one approved dumpsite in Kwara. The study also revealed low compliance with environmental and sanitation laws.  The study concluded that the Kwara state governments create public awareness and enforce laws on the violators but many people are stubborn to comply. The study recommended that recycling and treatment plants should be established by the Kwara State government. The government should increase allocated funds for environmental conservation. Kwara State government should procure more vehicles and trucks and ensure regular maintenance. Environmentalists should be given priority in the process of recruitment, selection and placement.

Author Biographies

Ibrahim O. Salawu, Kwara State University, Malete

Department of Politics and Governance,

Amin Amin, Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin-Nigeria

Department of Public Administration,