Non-oil Sector Exports and Economic Growth in Nigeria

  • Mahmud G. Dahiru University of Abuja-Nigeria
  • Adamu Ndanusa Federal University Lafia-Nigeria
  • Baba Madu Veritas University, Bwari-Abuja
Keywords: Agriculture, Manufacture, Mining JEL Classification Codes: F11, F41, F43


The paper examined the impact of non- sectors in Nigeria from 1981-2021. The aim to analysed the extent non-oil sectors has impacted on economic growth in Nigeria. The data for this were analysed using descriptive and analytical tools. The estimated technique was Auto-regressive distribution lags model (ARDL) based on the Unit root test was used to determine the effect of three major factors; Agriculture Exports (AE), Manufacturing Exports (MANE) Mining and Quarrying (MQE) on real gross domestic product (RGDP) which proxies’ economic growth.  Findings from empirical results reveal that there is positive and significant impact of AE, MANE and MQE on economic growth in Nigeria. The study therefore recommended that, government should prioritise the Agricultural sector, manufacturing sector and mining and quarrying sector because of the potentials its hold as main drivers of the economy. Success of industrialised countries in the global world comes from manufacturing sector

Author Biographies

Mahmud G. Dahiru, University of Abuja-Nigeria

Department of History and Diplomatic Studies,

Adamu Ndanusa, Federal University Lafia-Nigeria

Department of Economics,

Baba Madu, Veritas University, Bwari-Abuja

Department of Economics,